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Our Mission, Commitment & Vow To You

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As Toronto’s leading Ayurvedic focused health and wellness clinic, we are committed to your goal of healthier living. Our clinic offers ancient Eastern practices that meet the demands of the modern world, and provide tranquility and harmony to our clients minds, bodies and spirits. We are a collection of caring, dedicated and sincere professionals who are devoted to the self-improvement, rest and renewal that you are entitled to. At Nourishing Thyself Clinic, we offer you many of our secrets, techniques and methods:

  • Life in harmony with your environment without sacrificing comfort, luxury or style
  • Specialized treatments based on years of experience, combined with the sharing of global knowledge (treating and teaching)
  • A constant commitment to the field of preventative medicine, the integration of body, mind and spirit, and dedicated professional care
  • An open heart and mind, adopting the principles of healthy living, and leading by example
  • An experience that embraces natural products guaranteed to enhance your treatments and your overall wellness
  • An expansion of peace and happiness
  • A healing refuge where you are free to enter and explore a state of reflectiveness, and where the benefits of health and wellness will allow all to blossom

Nourishing Thyself Clinic and its staff follow strict health regulations. After each service is completed, all instruments used that cannot be disinfected are discarded or given to out clients (ie. nail files, buffers). All metal implements are washed with antibacterial soap and hot water and placed for 20 minutes into high level disinfectant approved by the health board. All tools are rinsed and placed in a sterlization pouch and kept for your next visit. We use new tools for each client, which are labelled with your name and kept aside.

Learn & Experience

Anita, owner

We encourage you to inquire about all of our services, and will answer your questions about our treatments, address your expectations, and help you build your path towards therapeutic benefits:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Ayurveda Medicine
  • Skin Care Specialist
  • Kinesiology
  • Yoga Master and Pilates Teacher
  • Podology
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Calming, Relaxing Spa & Reiki Treatments for Cancer Patients

Your visit with us will not only teach and inspire you, but also lead you to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Our Name

Anita, owner

Anita’s passion for the health and wellness industry led her to attain her certifications in Reiki, and an extended 6 years of Ayurveda Medicine (BAMS) studies to become an Ayurvedic Therapist / Practitioner. These studies provided Anita a platform of outstanding and educated experience at Nourishing Thyself Clinic.

Anita also holds an Aesthetics diploma with extensive knowledge in skin care, body therapies, oncology aesthetics, podology, reflexology, body sugaring and aromatherapy. Anita’s yoga and pilates classes are combined in fusion classes, Vinyasa flow, and power yoga, but her Ayurveda yoga classes are also customized according to her student’s body constitution and needs.

Her experience with Ayurveda, in concert with certification in varying yoga styles, is an extension that makes the difference, setting her performance and standards above the rest. Anita is passionate, trustworthy, skillful, gentle, empathetic, professional, authentic and truthful to her multi-disciplinary training, teaching, her life, and the lives of her clients. The name of our health and wellness spa originates from Anitas commitment to herself, and her clients, to care for and promote the health and development of the mind, body and spirit.

“For me, it is all about sharing. I believe there is abundance in our world, and not a lack of. I believe we all have the ability to achieve greatness, and to live our deepest desires with purpose for ourselves while inspiring others”.
Inhale Love ~ Exhale Gratitude!

Our Logo

Nourishing Thy Self Logo

As the Lotus rises on its stalk unsoiled by mud and water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world. At Nourishing Thyself Clinic, we represent “nude” (a Hindi word) which means clean, pure, transparent and fresh. Nourishing the body, mind and soul are all perfect descriptions of the ambience of our beautiful health and wellness clinic and its offerings. The sacred Lotus flower represents beauty, compassion and the expansion of the truest self. Gracefully raising its elegant body above the muddy waters where it grows, the Lotus has long been revered by Buddhists, and the Lotus bud is perhaps the single most popular offering of Buddhism in temples.

According to ancient legend, the Buddha was born able to walk, and with each step Lotus flowers bloomed under his feet. The Buddha is often depicted sitting on a giant Lotus blossom, representing who we are: pure body, mind and spirit, along with spiritual perfection and pacification of ones nature. It is also associated with purity, beauty, rebirth and divinity. A Lotus flower generally has eight petals, which correspond to the eightfold path of good law. Like the Lotus, Nourishing Thyself Clinic symbolizes beauty, and purity of speech, the body, and the mind. Furthermore, it symbolizes the achievement of awakening or enlightenment, knowledge, divinity, wisdom, rebirth, intelligence, love, compassion, passion, and other emotions associated with the heart.

The Lotus flower is representative of how a person can become awakened to spiritual reality. The pink Lotus flower is the supreme Lotus flower, and is considered to be the most divine. We walk with grace to symbolize the beauty and openness of a giving heart!

Our History

As an Ayurvedic practitioner and clinician, our owner Anita Onofre’s (BAMS, B.Sc.) professional background allows her to offer the following specialties to our clients:

  • Intuitive energy healer and teacher
  • Spiritual advisor
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Ayurvedic specialist
  • Advanced medical modern aesthetics
  • Skin care specialist
  • Pilates teacher
  • Yoga teacher MYT / Kundalini yoga teacher
  • Reiki master and teacher
  • Background in biology / science
  • Ayurvedic medicine (BAMS) practitioner

Anita’s educational background includes:

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Human Kinetics
  • Bachelor of Science in Podology
  • Six years of youthful study in Ayurvedic practice in India (BAMS)
  • Aesthetics diploma; extensive knowledge in skin care, body therapies, oncology aesthetics, aromatherapy and massage
  • Certified in oncology
  • Certified in lymphatic drainage (MLD)

Passionate and committed, Anita Onofre has long been fascinated by what factors and challenges hold any of us back, or what liberates us, in the process of navigating our lifes journey. A natural and insightful ability to interact with people allows Anita to garner the necessary trust essential to guide clients in releasing what no longer serves them, and embracing that which benefits them.

Anita lives the life she teaches, her love for life and people fulfills her passion as a health practitioner. Combining these loves with her passion as an energy healer, intuitive teacher and spiritual advisor, Anita has not only completely altered her life for the better, but has been witness to the transformative changes in the lives of many of her clients.