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Blood Analysis

Blood analysis test

Also known as “live blood cell microscopy”, blood analysis is performed by an alternative medicine practitioner to help determine a clients general state of health. By administering a simple blood test and studying blood cells under a high powered microscope, our clinicians at Nourishing Thyself Clinic can assist our clients balance their health by assessing what vitamins or minerals they may need, and how they are progressing in their care. Blood analysis is NOT used to diagnose disease, however both healthy and ill individuals can have their blood analyzed.

Our blood analysis services provides you, our client, with the following information:

  • B12, iron and folic deficiencies
  • Anemia and allergies
  • Poorly digested proteins and fats
  • Health of blood and red blood cells
  • Presence of heavy metals and uric acid crystals in blood
  • Alkalinity and acidity of blood
  • Presence of candida, yeast, parasites, fungi and bacteria
  • Free radical damage to blood cells
  • Levels of antioxidants present, and needed, in body
  • Detoxification requirements (duration of time and type of detox program required)
  • Oxygen and hydration levels in blood
  • Vitamins, minerals and nutrients required
  • Types of digestive enzymes required

Your blood analysis data is collected and observations are recorded in a report that you will receive from us. This report highlights areas of weakness and toxicity, and identifies lifestyle improvements that can be made to progress your body towards optimum health. The results of the test are immediate, and we track your progress in follow up care. Allow one of our certified holistic practitioners to assess your wellness and help you make appropriate healthy lifestyle decisions; contact Nourishing Thyself Clinic to learn more about our blood analysis services!