body sugaring

Body Sugaring

body sugaring paste

Also referred to as sugar paste hair removal, body sugaring is a safe, gentle and effective way to remove unwanted hair, with the added benefit of removing dead skin cells and conditioning the skin. Hair is removed in the early stage (anagen) of growth, at at least 1/8 inch in the natural direction in which the hair follicle grows. Which means, less pain, less breakage, less irritation, elimination of ingrown hairs, and exfoliation of the skin. The hair will stay away longer and your skin will be in better condition after the extraction!

At Nourishing Thyself Clinic, our estheticians are trained and specialized in body sugaring, especially Brazilians. We are perfectionists and have a priority on hygiene; we wash our hands, wear gloves and always use new gloves and/or sticks if ever we need to use more sugar in your appointment. Each Esthetician at Nourishing Thyself Clinic regularly performs 30 to 50 Brazilians per week so you can rest assured that we are experienced professionals, plus our spa-like studio means that you can enjoy the best Brazilian experience ever!

Body Sugaring Works (a complete range of hair removal services)

Half back$35
Lower arms$25
Full arms$35
Half legs$30
Half legs bikini$55
Half legs G-string bikini$75
Half legs Brazilian$80
Full legs$75
Full legs bikini$85
Full legs G-string$85
Full legs Brazilian$95

Body Sugaring Packages
(hair removal packages for any areas of focus)

Bikini and underarm$40
G-string bikini and underarm$50
Brazilian and underarm$60
Half leg, bikini and underarm$65
Half leg, G-string bikini and underarm$70
Half leg, Brazilian and underarm$80

Down & Below (hair removal services for lower areas of the body)

Do you dare to go bare? Your hair removal can be anything you would like it to be; a dainty strip, a daring triangle, or absolutely no hair at all!

Pre-birth service (inquire for details)$25
Itsy bitsy bikini$25
G-string bikini$35
Brazilian (recommended every 4-6 weeks)$45
Brazilian (first time)$75

Beautiful Face (facial hair removal packages for a clean look)

Upper lip$15
Eyebrow maintenance$20
Eyebrow and upper lip$25
Eyebrow design$25
Full face$45

Manscaping & Grooming


Half leg$45+
Full legs$85+
Lower arms$35
Full arms$45+
Full back$55+


Hands & Fingers$25

All clients booking for bikini, G-string or Brazilian body sugaring services must be at least 18 years of age with valid government issues I.D., or have written consent from a parent or guardian.

All clients 13 years of age and under receive 50% off all body sugaring services.

Chart of bikini waxing styles