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Pilates lessons

Change your body inside and out the Pilates way. Pilates make you longer and learner, strengthens your body, and builds and maintains a heathy spine, and a healthy mind.

“Follow me and I’ll take you on a journey… and walk with grace!”

Pilates Sessions, Packages And Private Classes

Introduction to Pilates
Come in for a consultation and we’ll show you how our pilates studio classes help you.
Pilates Fusion Class & Yoga Thai Massage
Combining pilates and yoga creates a whole new discipline – yogalates! A fun class, topped off with a thai massage, is an ideal way to enjoy the health benefits of these Ayurvedic practices.
Pilates Smart Start Program (90 days)
This program sets you up for success and transforms how you look and feel! Includes an initial consultation, 25 classes that build from one level to the next, and a final progress check-in so you know what to do next. With beginner-intermediate, and intermediate-advanced options, we can help you design the program that suits you best. Each intro pack includes a full movement and biomechanics assessment, and your one-on-one sessions include expert instructions tailored to your goals.
“Get the movement right, and everything else falls into place”.