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Anita has a deep understanding of the human being and an intuitive empathy that is quite remarkable. She knows exactly what is going on in your body and tirelessly endeavors to bring it back into harmony and balance. She is a wonderful, inspiring role model, and gently works with you to realize your own potential. The world is a better place because of Anita.

Bruce R.

Anita's presence is deeply felt in her customized Yoga classes, but it is in my private consultations/sessions with her that really opened my confidence in her intuitive medical understanding and deep knowledge of the human body. I found with relief, I could give myself completely over to her knowledge, even in my home in Santa Barbara a continent away, she continues to influence me. Thank you Anita.

Bentley K.

My experience with Anita has been wonderful, I have been her client and friend for over 20 years, her beautiful personality, compassion and love for people makes every time you meet with her you learn something and feel the necessity of shedding the negative aspects in yourself and getting to that brighter place.Anita has changed my life and me. I feel so blessed that destiny made me contact her. Thank you Anita, you are light.

M. H.

Anita you are the most beautiful being I have had the pleasure to meet. I feel very blessed to be a client of Anita's, her compassion, her dedication and support for her clients is beyond words. I know Anita for 10 years and she works with me over the phone and I am so thrilled with the results of my sessions with her, thank you Anita. We miss you so much in Victoria. Thank you for everything you do!